Teabag Folding - Easy Kite Fold Instructions

You need 4 teabag squares for a half rosette and 8 teabag squares for a full rosette, sticking template and glue.

Step 1
With the printed side of the square facing down make bring the bottom corner up to meet the top corner and fold along the diagonal to make a triangle as shown in the picture.
Step 2
Open the square out again. Take the bottom left hand edge and bring it up to the fold you just made as shown in the picture.
Step 3
Turn the square around and repeat step 2 folding the bottom right edge up to the centre fold.
Step 4
Turn the paper over and you should have a kite shape as shown in the picture.
Step 5
Fold 3 more squares in the same way to make a half rosette or 7 more squares to make a full rosette. Position and glue the folded squares on the sticking template to finish the rosette.