Pink Rose Diamond Fold Birthday Card

To make this card you will need:

  • Pink Rose Teabag Squares Set
  • A5 cream card
  • Scissors
  • PVA craft glue
  • Happy Birthday peel-off (optional)
  • Gold sequin and pink bead (optional)


Print out the Pink Rose teabag squares set. Cut out 8 squares, 2 borders and the samll pink rectangle.

Following the instructions for the Diamond Fold technique make a rosette with the 8 teabag squares. You can decorate your rosette by sticking a gold sequin and a pink bead in the centre of the rosette.

Fold the A5 card in half to make your greeting card. Take the borders, apply a little PVA glue and stick them on the card about 5mm away from the top and bottom edges. Line up the design on the border so that it is symetrical and carefully trim the excess.

Take the pink rectangle and stick on your Happy Birthday peel-off. Alternative you can write Happy Birthday in normal or metallic pen.

Using the PVA glue stick the rosette and pink rectangle on the front of the card as in the picture.